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The producers of intermediary goods were the best performing industrial sector for new orders (minus 2.3 percent), ahead of consumer goods producers (minus 4.5 percent) and capital goods producers (minus 4.7 percent). During the same period, price-adjusted gross revenue fell by 1.0 percent across all sub-categories of the German manufacturing sector.This is the first U.S. clinical trial to test the gene editing approach in humans, according to a study published on Thursday in the journal Science.


She also met Rui Rio, the leader of Portugal's main opposition party, the Social Democratic Party (PSD). Rio drew her attention to the EU's proposed budget for 2021 to 2027, which would likely mean Portugal losing out in terms of investment.Both Innogy chief executive officer (CEO) Uwe Tigges and chief financial officer (CFO) have announced that they will release a new statement on the progress of the RWE- E.ON deal Monday. Earlier, the company's management and supervisory refused to give their recommendation to a formal sales offer made by E.ON to minority shareholders of Innogy.

"This presents an opportunity for the Crown Estate to re-think their plans, and incorporate this historic and very special West End venue into their wider strategy for the Haymarket area of London," said Billings."Over the years, China has persisted in guaranteeing citizens' right to freedom of religion, satisfying believers' normal religious requirements, administrating religious affairs legally, preventing and fighting religious extremism, and giving full play to the role of the religious communities, and thus has established positive and healthy religious relationships," he said.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, during Chinese New Year you can expect to hear a lot of noise like firecrackers, as teams of lion dancers move through the streets and storefronts."We are clearly not happy with our financial results in the third quarter. Our eyes are set on building the ecosystem for European fashion at full speed and our 2020 target of doubling the business to 10 billion euros in gross merchandise volume", a statement by co-chief executive officer (CEO) Rubin Ritter read. "For the fourth quarter, the team's full focus is now on pulling off a strong finish to the year", he added.

The 71st annual Primetime Emmy Awards ceremony was held at the Microsoft Theater in downtown Los Angeles. It's an American award bestowed by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in recognition of excellence in American primetime television programming.巴西经济部16日表示,将投入1473亿雷亚尔(约合294.5亿美元)应急资金,为最脆弱的经济部门和社会弱势群体提供帮助,并避免失业率高涨。其中,834亿雷亚尔将用于支持贫困人口及老年人,另有594亿雷亚尔将用于保障就业岗位。巴西政府打算在接下来的三个月内投放这笔资金。此外,巴西企业可在未来三个月内延期缴纳部分税款及社保款项,获取贷款的条件也将得到放宽。

The decision was made due to Google's "illegal misuse of its dominant position in the market for the brokering of online search adverts," said European Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, in a press release.Produced by Xinhua Global Service■


This week, vast areas of central and southern China will see temperatures above 35 degrees Celsius, the National Meteorological Center said.1 2 3 4 5 6 Next

China has a three-tier, color-coded warning system for heat waves, with red representing the most severe, followed by orange and yellow.?2007-2008 Secretary, CPC Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Regional Committee

The Vienna-based European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) has criticized that governments in the continental bloc frequently neglect the rights of their intersexual citizens. There is still little specific legal protection offered against discrimination faced by the group and in some cases children without a clear biological sex have even been subjected to dubious surgical interventions which are designed to make them exclusively male or female.Prev 1 2 3 4 5 6 Next

BEIJING, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- A graphical book about the Yellow River has been released at the ongoing 26th Beijing International Book Fair.Built in China and delivered to COSCO in January, Taurus boasts a length of about five Airbus A380 and maximum speed of 22.5 knots (41 kmh).

Prev 1 2 3 NextInvestigators unearthed a "fraudulent and pathological system" in a context of "administrative anarchy," La Stampa newspaper said.

At the event he talked about his dream in fluent Greek and introduced himself with the Greek name he adopted: Orpheas.Lamar's allegation is part of a revised gender-pay lawsuit filed on Wednesday. The earlier version of this complaint, filed by three other women who also used to work for Google, had been rejected by a judge for being "overly broad."


"For us, it was important to develop a system to evaluate all these hypotheses where we could take a rational approach and look at facts and evidence in a rational way," he added.The ultimatum imposed by the interior minister marked an unprecedented show of cabinet disobedience and posed a threat to the ruling "grand coalition" government.

Revealing a revised World Economic Outlook ahead of the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos-Klosters, the IMF said growth is appraised at 0.2 percentage point lower for this year and 0.1 percentage point lower for next year, compared to last October's projections.The Greek official promised the acceleration of the procedure of assessing asylum bids, the transfer of vulnerable refugees to the mainland and the return of those who are not eligible for asylum to Turkey.

"Our hearts grow closer in the joint fight against COVID-19 with the great solidarity and support we have for each other, and the steady progress in bilateral cooperation including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. China is ready to contribute to Pakistan's pandemic prevention drive, economic recovery and social development," Nong added.Last year, Guangdong had accepted 455,400 patent applications from 56,000 companies, accounting for more than 72.5 percent of the total number of patent applications in the province.

"If we are to value the global commons and try to improve the situation, not only in Asia, not only in America, not only in China, but globally, the two have to work together," he said.Hungary thanks China for its strong support in vaccine cooperation, and hopes that China will speed up the approval process to facilitate Hungary's purchase of vaccines in China, Szijjarto noted.